MIL - Sensor, Actuator & Controller Division

Our Technology


Minda Industries Limited – Sensor, Actuator & Controller Division is quite well known amongst OEMs for manufacturing technically excellent products.

Minda invests 3% of total turnover in R&D. The Sensor, Actuator & Controller R&D team is incessantly focuses on evolving futuristic and next generation self reliance products  and also breakthrough technologies which are affordable to customers. For this purpose we have technology roadmap in line with upcoming regulations and new features.

The division is also known for its Mechanical design capability, which consists of Pro-engineer for 3D modeling and tool design, UNIGRAPHICS for 3D modeling, AutoCAD for 2D drawings, mould flow analysis, mechanism simulation for durability and fatigue analysis.

Having Validation Skills like EMI, EMC Testing as per IEC/FCC Specifications, the division is renowned for its design and development capabilities, with latest Software (PROE/AUTOCAD/CATIA), Thermal Structure and Mold Flow analysis, in-house capability in Tool Room and Process Engineering, highly experienced & product specialized consultant support for product development, In house Prototype Facilities and Stabilized APQP/SOP/CFT System.

Apart from state-of-the-art SMT Line, the division utilizes a strong manufacturing process; comprising of Complete ESD Protection Management, Robotic Soldering, Hot Bar Soldering, Automatic Epoxy Dispensing, Fully Automatic Temperature Sensor Line and