MIL - Auto Gas Division

Our Technology


Minda Emer offers Alternate Fuel Systems for an entire range of passenger vehicles with complete LPG/CNG systems meeting Euro-IV norms, in line with OEM ECU architecture for Interfacing Electronic devices. The products are customized as per OE specifications, working conditions and Power Drop close to theoretical targets.

Sequential Injection System

It is the most advanced electronic control. Regulator has positive pressure and fuel supply to engine is done through injectors. Injectors are controlled by ECU for precise injection of fuel in the inlet manifold.


Minda Emer has complete in-house manufacturing facility ranging from fully automatic hot forging, High Precision Machining Centre, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine and Assembly line equipped with sophisticated Poka Yoke.

Inspection and Standard Room

Minda Emer is equipped with world class inspection tools so that it can deliver quality to meet global standards. It has most advance equipments like (CMM) Coordinate Measuring Machine, Profile Projector, Tool Pre-setter etc

Testing Facility

Minda Emer has state-of-the-art Lab facilities for stringent quality checks like:-

  • Spring Load tester
  • Pressure gauge Calibrator
  • Torque Analyzer
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Rig up to 1000bar
  • Climatic Chamber
  • Pressure Cycle Test Rig
  • UTM
  • Thermal Shock Test Rig
  • Fusible Alloy Test Setup
  • Endurance Testing Facilities for NGV1 Filler Valve.
  • Different engineering disciplines are incorporated to develop and deliver top notch products to OEMs;
  • Design Engineering; a customization of design for OEM's, designing validation of components and fuel systems
  • Application Engineering; to oversee the fitment of component in vehicles, calibration Process Engineering; for manufacturing of component process