Cleantech & Institutional Business


As part of its expansion and growth plans, the UNO MINDA, NK Minda Group is seeking to enter into non-Automotive businesses as well, in areas where we can utilize the Group's strengths in Manufacturing, Research & Development, Project Management and Execution, Quality Management, and Distribution. One of the areas we are actively exploring under this initiative is Renewable Energy, with specific emphasis on Solar and Bio-mass. We aim to provide a range of products and services including Grid Connected and Off Grid Power generation facilities, and applications such as LED lights (Indoor & Outdoor), Solar Lanterns, Solar LED Street Lights and Home Lighting, Heating Systems, Solar Pumps and customized Solar Roof Top solutions. Moving forward, we plan to take on new projects, including backward integration covering areas such as manufacturing of Solar Cells & Panels.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to establish new paradigms by way of Business Model, Financing, Innovation, Wealth Creation and Employee Engagement in the areas of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Services.
  • We seek to integrate energy access using renewable energy with sustainable rural development, and develop the capability whereby every single day of the year, there is some village somewhere in the country being electrified by us.
  • We aim to be amongst the top 25 employers in the country by the year 2014-15.

Our Vision

  • To be respected in India and globally, as an integrated, end-to-end Power Solutions, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Company.