New Projects


Carbon Canister- A new product in Roki Minda Portfolio

Roki Co., Japan has an extensive portfolio of Canister Designs. Roki Minda, The JV Company of UNO MINDA has recently added Canister in its portfolio in addition to air filtration systems it is already supplying to OEM’s.

The Carbon Canisters designed by Roki Co. Ltd., Japan is planned to go into mass production from next fiscal in India. Leveraging on our Partner’s technology we wish to offer a more diversified product portfolio to our Customers.

A car engine's combustion process releases many harmful vapours, including hydrocarbons, oxides, and carbon monoxide.

Roki Minda recognizes that a carbon canister is an integral part of an effective evaporative control system. Carbon Canisters would limit the amount of gasoline vapors (normally created by gasoline fuel storage and fuel delivery) from being released into the environment through an on-going process of adsorption and purging.

Roki would develop evaporative emissions canisters tailored to specific customer needs in years to come. It has already been awarded business and is developing Production Line which will be ready by September ‘2015

Fuel Caps – A New Product in UNO MINDA Portfolio

UNO MINDA, NK Minda Group added a new product “FUEL CAP” to its portfolio in 2012. The new plant MIL – Fuel Cap Division has started operations (Reliability Testing & Trial Productions) on 21st January’2013 in Manesar. It will manufacture fuel caps for major OEMs and supply them through TG MINDA (the JV Company of UNO MINDA, NK MINDA Group and Toyoda Gosei Co. Ltd., Japan & Toyota Tshusho Corporation, Japan). Toyoda Gosei, head quartered in Nagoya is a leading global manufacturer of fuel caps, with a leading no. of design patents registered.

The state of the art manufacturing plant is built on an area of 1200 sq meters, with the projection of 1.5 million units annually by 2014. It will engage in manufacturing of plastic moulded parts and assembly and will offer snap type and ratchet type (screw type) fuel caps.

Technical License Agreement - UNO MINDA and AMS

Leading Indian auto components manufacturer, UNO MINDA, NK Minda Group (headquartered at Manesar, Haryana) and AMS Co. Ltd., the Korean market leader for lighting systems (headquartered at Gyeongbuk, Korea) today announced entering into a Technical License Agreement (TLA) in India. The agreement was signed between Minda Industries Ltd., (MIL) Lighting Division and AMS Co. Ltd. on 19th December at Manesar, Haryana; by Mr. Sang-Man Park, President, AMS and Mr. N.S. Warrier, CEO, MIL Lighting Division.

The TLA has been signed for design, manufacture and sale of highly engineered Automotive Lamps. With this agreement AMS would provide technical support for design and development of Head Lamps, Tail Lamps, Fog Lamps etc., both with conventional light sources, as well as new technologies such as LED light sources, for four wheeler OEMs in India and Indonesia.

Minda Nabtesco Pvt. Ltd.

Nabtesco Automotive Corporation, Japanese market leader for producing air-brake components (headquartered at Tokyo, Japan, President: Shinji Juman, Capital: 450 million Yen) and leading Indian auto components manufacturer UNO MINDA, NK Minda Group (headquartered at Manesar, Haryana, CMD: N K Minda, Capital: 6000 million INR) have announced a Joint Venture in India for designing, manufacture and sale of Air Brake Products for Commercial Vehicles and Clutch Products for Passenger Vehicles. The JV agreement was signed on 6th December at Gurgaon, Haryana.

The Joint Venture will be set up with equity of INR 373 Million in a 51: 49 partnership with UNO MINDA holding 51% and Nabtesco holding 49% of the equity. The new company will be known as Minda Nabtesco Pvt. Ltd. The JV’s manufacturing plant will be set up at Pantnagar, Uttarakhand with start of production planned in July 2014. This JV is being considered as a major move by both the partners as it will help them establish a new product line and explore new markets.

Minda F Ten Pvt. Ltd.

Leading Japanese automobile component manufacturer FUJITSU TEN LIMITED (Headquartered at Kobe, Japan, President: Takashi Shigematsu, Capital: 5.3 billion JPY) and leading Indian auto components manufacturer UNO MINDA, NK Minda Group (Headquartered at Manesar, Haryana, CMD: N K Minda, Capital: 5650 Mil INR) have agreed to establish new manufacturing and sales joint venture companies in India for Car Infotainment products. The JV agreement was signed today at Bangalore, Karnataka.

The automotive industry in India is one of the largest in the world and one of the fastest growing globally. Considering that the number of new car sales in India exceeded 2.5 million in 2011, Indian car market has launched itself into a real motorization era and further expansion can be expected at a rapid pace. This JV is an attempt to tap into the growing segment of Car Infotainment products and bring innovative products to Indian market. The JV’s manufacturing facility will come up at Bawal, Haryana. The JV plans to produce Car infotainment products such as CD Tuners, Display Audios AVNs, & Speakers. The Production will start in October 2013.


Minda NexGenTech Ltd. (MNGTL) was incorporated with the objective of spearheading the entry of the UNO MINDA, N K Minda Group into non automotive businesses, as part of the growth and diversification plans of the Group. The company is an integrated, end-to-end Power Solutions and Renewable Energy Company. Among other objectives, MNGTL aims to bring light and energy access to rural areas and to the lesser privileged sections of society, in India as well as on a global platform, as part of a financially viable, sustainable and scalable Business Model.For more information click here.


The USD 400mn UNO MINDA, NK MINDA Group has recently entered into 49:51 equity Joint Venture (JV) with Roki Co., Ltd., Japan. The JV Company "ROKI Minda Co. Private Ltd" will manufacture and sell Air Filters to Automotive OE manufacturers in the country. The manufacturing plant is coming up on a 7 Acre site at Bawal and is expected to go on stream by the 3rd quarter of 2012. Apart from the initial investment a key feature of the JV is the availability of top-notch Japanese advanced filtration technology, which ROKI will infuse in this joint venture.For more information click here.


The USD 400mn UNO MINDA, NK MINDA Group has converted its Technical Assistance Agreement (TAA) into a 74:16:10 Joint Venture with Kyoraku Co. Ltd., Japan and Nagase & Co. Ltd., Japan, for manufacturing of Blow Molding products. NK Minda Group has been in a TAA agreement with Kyoraku Co. Ltd. since 2008, for manufacturing of blow molding products. This major association has now been converted into a Joint Venture named Minda Kyoraku Ltd.For more information click here.


The USD 400mn UNO MINDA, NK MINDA Group, the technology leader in Auto Components Industry, has entered into a 82.1:5:12.9 Joint Venture (JV), with Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd., Japan and Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Japan. The JV Company, to be named Toyoda Gosei Minda India Pvt. Ltd, subject to ROC approval, will develop, manufacture and sell automotive safety components like Steering Wheels, Airbags and Body Sealing parts for major Indian car manufacturers. For more information click here.


The USD 400mn UNO MINDA, NK MINDA Group, technology leader in Auto Components Industry, and Kosei Aluminum Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of Alloy Wheels in Japan, announced the formation of 40:60 equity Joint Venture (JV). The Joint venture company, subject to the approval of the ROC (Registrar of Companies), in India shall be named KOSEI MINDA ALUMINUM CO. LTD., and will be established in Chennai. The JV Company is to engage in the development, manufacturing and sales of aluminum alloy wheels and precision aluminum die casting parts for major OE car manufacturers. For more information click here.